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1000 liter fermenter tank

1000 litre fermenter tank for wine or whiskey
U kunt hier de inhoudsmaat kiezen.
Opslagvat Fermenteervat
Plastic kijkglas
Sparing heftrucklepels
Aansluiting meetsonde
Decanteer tap
Verstelbare voeten
Houder voor ladder
Demontabel roer syteem
Digitale thermometer
Analoge thermometer
Koel element
Stikstof ventiel
Aansluiting op vat
Aflaat / vul pomp

Stainless steel fermenter tank for wine or whiskey 1000 liter.


Vertical stainless-steel, airtide storage tank, with stainless-steel feet. This tank has a inclined bottom, so it is easy to drain the tank compleatly. With nitrogen it is possible to fill the tank half, this way there will be no influance of oxigen to Your wine or spirit. Our fermenter tanks are made to Your specifications.

The products marked with a ✓ are standard on the tanks. It is up to You to ad products as for instance a manhole at the front, What kind of attachment on the pipes, a cooling plate, A temperatur gauge

You can ad products to Your quotaion by selecting yes or no on the items next to the picture.


our models


Contence in litres SKU D (mm) H (mm)



Welded feet Tap Lid with one screw
200 CFIC1005 560 1565
300 CFIC1006 637 1660
500 CFIC1007 726 1910
750 CFIC1008 930 1660
1000 CFIC1009 1030 2110
1500 CFIC1010 1150 2360
2000 CFIC1011 1320 2360
2500 CFIC1012 1320 2660
3000 CFIC1017 1320 3110
4000 CFIC1018 1600 2860
5000 CFIC1019 1600 3360
7500 CFIC1020 2000 3500
10000 CFIC1021 2000 4500


The tanks from 200 to 5000 litre have feet with a hight of 400mm. The tanks from 7500 and 10000 have feet with a hight of 600mm.


Above You can find products which You can ad to Your tank if You whish. The way to do this is to put the selector to yes.


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