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Shipping directly from Italy.

Delivery time 5 to 7 working days.

Shipments are made via GLS.

Rates for Great Britan from €24,50 


Shipments are done by PostNL.

General terms and conditions of sale


Article 1 - Definitions


1. In these general conditions, the following terms in the following interpretation are used, unless otherwise expressly indicated: the company under the trade name, located at Via Aldo Moro 47, CAP 85038, Senise (PZ) Italy. This company is registered in the commercial register of the Chamber of Commerce in Potenza (the number PZ - 200387); The web site: the web site of so at, and all of the underlying pages, excluding links to third-party web sites. Product: the article or articles by the conclusion of the agreement between and the customer within an agreed time limit should be supplied to the customer or should be and for which an agreed price should be paid; Customer: a person, whether or not acting on behalf of a business or profession, which enters into an agreement or would like to enter into or for whom receives a offer or quote; Agreement: the agreement between and the customer; Conditions: these general conditions;

Article 2 - General

1. These terms and conditions are for each offer, quote and agreement between and a customer which this conditions of application has stated, in so far as these conditions not expressly and in writing by the parties is waived.

2. The terms also apply to agreements with, for the implementation for which third parties are to be concerned, as the outsourcing of the transport.

3. Different terms and agreements are valid only if they expressly and in writing with have been agreed upon.

Article 3 - Offers, discount codes and orders

1. All on the web site displayed offers are only valid during the period that these offers are displayed on the web site.

2. cannot be taken to price indications. All prices and product descriptions are subject to write, pressure or indication errors.

3. An order binding on the customer.

4. can be held to his offers and orders if the customer, in terms of reasonableness and fairness and in the generally accepted views, ought to understand that the offer or quote or a part thereof a manifest error or a clerical error.

5. The prices in the above offers and orders are inclusive of VAT, excluding shipping, handling, and excluding fee, unless otherwise indicated.

6. If the acceptance (minor) differs from the in the order listed offer is not bound. The agreement is not in accordance with the provisions of this different acceptance, unless indicates otherwise.

7. A composite price indication obliged not to deliver a part of the in the offer or order included cases against a part of the specified price.

8. Offers or orders do not apply automatically re-orders.

9. Up to 1 per person can redeem code.

10. No further rights to this code can be derived from it. The discount is applicable as long as the stock lasts.

11. The code is not valid in combination with travel, other discounts and/or current operations.

12. Discount codes are only redeemable online and not redeemable for cash.

13. A voucher code is only valid for the by product groups.


Article 4 - Agreement

1. The agreement between and the customer is established when the customer has completed an order and the customer has sent a written order confirmation.

2. Price Changes: If, after the conclusion of the agreement, a price increase or a reduction in price of the ordered product occurs, this amendment will have no effect on the agreed price.

3. Retention of title: remains the owner of the product sold to the customer, as long as the customer the total amount due from the agreement has not been met. The customer is required for careful treatment to ensure the product and there is no foundation for the right to any third party or in collateral to pledging, or in rooms where they are delivered to delete or remove to do so, until the total purchase price and any future interest and costs are fully paid.

Article 5 - Delivery

1. Unless otherwise agreed or specified, delivery shall be made within two to four weeks.

2. In the event of extension of the delivery as named in 5.1 a further period of time is granted to deliver. This further period is equal to the original delivery. is doing much business with Italian companies directly. So a fixed (reliable) delivery date is not always as good to determine. cannot be held responsible due to force majeure

3. In the event of the further time limits, or of the agreed delivery time the customer has the right to terminate the agreement without notice or judicial intervention, however, the customer can never claim any form of compensation.


After 30 days, in accordance with the Dutch law, the customer may terminate the agreement and will receive the amount of the invoiced shall be (including the shipping costs, if applicable) within 3 working days returned to the customer's account.

4. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, delivery shall be made at the agreed delivery address and provides the method of dispatch.

5. The customer has to take the agreed product at the time when this is available to, or offered to him.

6. If delivery is agreed and the customer is not present at the agreed upon day and delivery, or is negligent with the provision of information or instructions, necessary for the delivery, The agreed product will be offered again in consultations.


The agreed price shall be increased by 30 euro; this additional cost should be paid cash at the time of delivery.

7. If the customer upon delivery the agreed product, or a part of this decline, for a reason other than those referred to in paragraph 5 (3) of this article, the customer's due 25% cancellation fee of the agreed price.

8. The customer has the right to refuse the product when the product:

Damaged is offered;

Is not in accordance with the agreed product;

9. If the customer has agreed to pay in advance, the delivery time starts from the time that the agreed total amount is credited on the bank account of

10. If delivery is agreed and the order exist of multiple components for which delivery in one time is not possible, in consultation with the customer one of the following possibilities is possible for the customer:

A new delivery date will be agreed were all parts of the order will be delivered;

The optional part will be delivered; the not readily available part is removed from the agreement, the package discount, if applicable to the not readily available part is deleted.

The available parts are concerned, not readily available parts are in backlog, and the extra cost will be 35 euro;

The agreement shall be terminated at no charge;

Article 6 - Delivery

1) Unless otherwise agreed, all devices properly concerned for €60, - or free if so agreed. Under this delivery, the following definitions shall apply:

The delivery of the product to the first threshold on the ground floor, where the carrier can be reasonably independently. Taking the stairs and high rise buildings are not included here. also takes old devices if they are ready at the front door.

2. Unless otherwise agreed, all of the articles delivered by our delivery partner or logistical partner. The cost for this delivery is also specified in the order confirmation. If an article is picked up by the costumer, the unspent shipping costs deducted, if these are listed in the order confirmation.

Article 7 - Cancel

1. The customer can after placing an order on cancel the order without charge.

2. The customer has the right to a cooling-off period.


He/she shall have the right to return the product to without giving reasons, undamaged and ready for further sales, within 7 working days commencing the day after the receipt. The amount paid excluding transport costs if applicable will be refunded within 3 working days to the account of the customer.

3. The customer will be entitled to unpack the purchased article and check for any defects or damage, and in the event, contact This must be done within 2 working days.

4. The customer will receive, depending on the condition of return in which the product by is received, the full purchase price or a percentage thereof. The customer must request so by e-mail or letter to a take-back of the product. It should be at least the condition of the product as listed and specified in paragraph 5 of this article.

5. If the customer decides to send the product back to the shipping costs for the return to are for the account of the customer. Any damage that occurs during the return to is for accountability and responsibility of the customer.

6. If the customer has already paid, refund shall be within 3 working days.

7. The product can be in the following three states are:

a. 1; the product is undamaged and in original, unopened packaging and complies with the conditions laid down in paragraph 8 a t/m g. The customer will receive 100% of the agreed purchase price of the product in return.

b. 2; the product is undamaged; the original packaging is damaged and complies with the conditions laid down in paragraph 8 a t/m g. The customer also receives 100% of the agreed purchase price of the product in return.

C. 3; the product is damaged or the original packaging is missing one or some of the accessories are missing such as: manual, mounting equipment, included accessories, etc., the product complies with the conditions laid down in paragraph 8 b t/m f. The customer will receive 30% of the purchase price of the product in return.

8. Conditions for return:


(a) The product should be completely and in the original condition;

(b) The product must be unused.

C. The product must be clean, such as the customer received the product;

(d) The product should not have been built in;

(e) The product must not have been fitted;

(f) Supplied body was packed must be original;

(g) The product must be equipped with the original manuals and accessories included.

(h) The product should immediately be suitable for the sale.

9. Refund provision.

a. After receiving the returned product from the customer by, will examine the product by an expert. The customer will be after this research informed of the opinion of the expert and the percentage that the customer will be paid back.

b. If the customer agrees to the laid down in paragraph 5 a specific percentage will be refunded by the amount agreed upon will be refunded as soon as possible, but not later than within 3 working days.

c. If the customer does not agree with the paragraph 5 a prescribed percentage the property remains of the customer and the customer should, for their own account, within a period of 8 working days, pick up the product on the location of delivery.

Article 8 - Warranty

1. ensures that the product meets the normal requirements and standards of the products and is free of any defects.

2. The (1) named warranty, unless otherwise agreed, for a period of 12 months or according to the conditions laid down by the manufacturer.

3. The (1) named warranty is a manufacturer's warranty.

4. provides the customer a receipt as proof with respect to the guarantee.

5. If the product does not meet these guarantees, will within a reasonable time the product after receiving the product, if return is not reasonably practicable after written notification on the lack by customer, at the discretion of replaced or ensure recovery. In the case of replacement the customer agrees to return the product that does not meet the standards to and to provide it as the property of

6. The above warranty shall not apply where the lack is incurred as a result of the incorrect or improper use or when, without the written consent of, the customer or third parties have made any changes, or have tried to bring this to the product or have been used for the purposes for which the product is not intended.

7. If the delivered product is not in accordance with what had been agreed and this non-conformity is a lack in the meaning of the rules of product liability, than is in principle not be liable for consequential damages.

8. is the first point of contact. is committed at all times in good consultation with relevant customer to a correct solution. offers service phone numbers of all the offered manufacturers, allowing the customer the opportunity to easy and quick customer service of the manufacturer on their own initiative to approach. Often it is more efficient since the calendars can be directly matched to each other. If the customer prefers that contacts the relevant service, than this is not a problem. carries out operations in good agreement with the customer.

Article 9 - Research, offers

1. The customer needs the delivered product(s) at the time of the supply, but in any case, within as short a time as possible to (do) studies, up to 2 days after delivery. The costumer needs to investigate if the quality and quantity of the delivered correspond to what is agreed, or at least meets the requirements involved in the normal (commercial) movement.


2. Any visible deficits are in writing within two days after delivery to to be reported. This by the simultaneous delivery of the warranty and the defective product, unless this is impossible or unreasonable adversely.

3. A non visible lack the customer should within eight days after the discovery, but not later than within the warranty period to notify in compliance with the in the last paragraph of this article.

4. If, under the preceding paragraph shall be promptly resolve, remains customer is obliged to take delivery of and payment of the purchased product. If the customer wishes to return the defective product, this shall be done with the prior written consent of, and on the way such as by is indicated.

Article 10 - Risk transition

1. The risk of loss or damage to the product which is the subject of the agreement, transfers to the customer at the time that the product legally and/or in fact is supplied and, hence, the power of the customer or a third-party to designate by the customer.

Article 11 - Payment

1. Payment:

a. At it is possible to pay in different ways: - In the case of retrieving to Blankenham, per cash; - By transferring the amount via your bank; - By the use of IDEAL, safe internet banking system which most of the banks in the Netherlands use, , Mastercard, Visa or Maestro; - By way of exception, by C. O. D.  There will be additional C.O.D. costs calculated;

b. The payment is made on the whole, in its entirety, the total sum before delivery. There may also be agreed that 30% of the total invoiced amount is pre-paid with the residual payment of 70% of the invoice, just after delivery.

c. If it is agreed to pay by C. O. D., the payment is net cash or via PIN to take place at delivery.

2. Refund

a. If there is agreed, to pay pre-paid and on the basis of article 6 paragraph 7 shall be decided to terminate the agreement, will the already credited, agreed total amount as soon as possible but no later than within 3 working days return to the customer.

b. If there is agreed, to pay pre-paid and on the basis of article 6 paragraph 7 shall be decided to remove the parts not available from the agreement, will the total amount of the removed parts as soon as possible but not later than within 30 working days return to the customer.

Objections to the level of the amounts in the commitment do not suspend the agreement to pay.


Article 12 - Liability


1. If the by delivered product is deficient, the liability of vis-à-vis the customer is limited to what in these terms and conditions "Warranty" is controlled.

2. When the producer of a defective product is liable for any consequential, than the liability of is limited to repair or replacement of the product, or refund of the purchase price.

3. Without prejudice to the above does not assume any liability if the injury is due to intentional and/or gross negligence and/or claimant, or the incorrect or improper use of the customer.

4. The restrictions contained in these terms and conditions of the liability for direct damages shall not apply if the damage is due to intent or gross negligence of or his subordinates.


Article 13 - Force Majeure


1. is not obliged to fulfill any obligation, if for this purpose is hampered as a result of a fact which is not due to debt, and not under the law, a lawful act or in the prevailing views for their account.

2. Under force majeure, in these general conditions shall mean, in addition to what that subject is included in the law and jurisprudence; all come from outside causes, or could not provide, which cannot influence affect, but which is not in a position to meet the obligations in the business sector. Strikes are an example of that.

3. also has the right to rely on force majeure, if the fact that (further) prevents failure, occurs after should be required to comply with its undertaking.

4. Parties may continue during the period in which the force majeure suspends the obligations under the agreement. If this period lasts longer than two months, each of the parties shall be entitled to terminate the agreement, without any obligation for compensation for damage to the other party.

5. As far as at the time of the occurrence of force majeure will be partially to fulfill its obligations under the agreement or this will be able to comply with, and the failed to fulfill respectively part self-employed person value rests, is to be entitled to the already complied with section to fulfill separate billing. The customer is taken to meet this invoice as if it were a separate agreement.


Article 14 - Complaints


1. All complaints relating to the implementation of the agreement or the status of the product will be by seriously being taken into consideration. Should the complaint by the customer by e-mail or letter to be made. will reply to the complaint as soon as possible, but not later than within 14 working days trying to solve. By telephone or via e-mail will be the customer by message.


Article 15 - Disputes


1. The judge in the location of shall have sole jurisdiction to take note of any dispute, unless the district court has jurisdiction. Nevertheless, has the right to submit the dispute to the according to the law courts.


Article 16 - Applicable law

1. On each agreement between and the customer is the Dutch law shall apply.


Article 17 - Delivery, send, and cost

After you place an order


After placing an order you will receive a confirmation by e-mail on your specified e-mail address. It is once again the invoiced amount listed for the convenience.


Payment Currently, there are five options to pay for, namely; advance payment by bank transfer, pay for removal, by means of a payment with MasterCard or Visa, or IDEAL. As soon as we have received the total amount correctly, the product ordered will be sent.


Our banking details are:


Rabobank Account number: 386501866


IBAN: NL66RABO0386501866




Chamber of Commerce number: PZ - 200387


BTW/IVA/VAT: IT 02029890767


We ask you to, with your payment, mention your order number.

Order status By means of different order statuses we'll provide the status of your order. The status update is sent to the e-mail address specified by you. The following is a summary and explanation of the different states;


1 - Pending payment. (The default), the order is received by us and will be processed. While we are waiting for the received correctly of the invoiced value of the order.

2 - Your order is being processed. The payment has been received correctly. The order will be dispatched as soon as possible.

3 - Your order is shipped, the order is sent to the customer.

4 - Your order is in order with our supplier. The product ordered is not in stock. We have been in contact with the supplier and will send the order as quickly as possible.

5 - Payment canceled by bank canceled or user.; you attempted to pay by Ideal, MasterCard or Visa there is, however, an error occurred during the payment which the amount is not remitted to our account. You will be asked to pay in a different way.

6 - Your order has been canceled. The customer has indicated to refrain of the order. The order will be canceled in our records.

7 - Partially sent; the customer has ordered several products in one order. A part of the products has been sent. The remaining products will follow as soon as possible. There is always indicated what products will be sent at a later time.

This way, you can easily follow in which stage of the order is situated.

Delivery Times


After payment the order will be normally within 10 working days delivered to the address specified by you, unless otherwise stated on the site, depending on the delivery time of the manufacturer.

Shipping Rates uses different classes for the shipping costs;


Calculate shipping costs


When you have multiple products in one order, then the shipping costs will be calculated by means of calculation of the total weight of the total order.


Partners is working for the dispatch of goods together with DPD, DHL and PostNL. will ensure that both partners, the dispatch will carefully handle. is not responsible for negligence and/or non-fulfillment of agreements of these partners. If there are any questions you can always contact:

Tel. +31(0)6-20463213 E-mail: through our contactform.


Ability to collect and contact


Normally all orders, if there is a demand fore, can be picked up at us in Blankenham. This requires that an appointment be made through our contactform.


If there is an order placed and will be delivered by itself, there will be contacted at any time by with the customer in question, with regard to the delivery date and time.

Contact Information:


Via Aldo Moro 47


85038 Senise (PZ) Italy


Tel: +39 3479906911

E-mail: through our contactform.